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Can you succeed with just organic marketing?

Our guest this time is Jonathan McLernon, an Online Business Coach - and in this episode we chat about:

1 - How to start with organic marketing as a solopreneur 

2 -  How to succeed with a small audience

3 - why the goal of a 6-figure income (mentioned a lot online at the time of recording) is overrated ... and a whole lot more

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The 4 steps to build an online coaching business

Coach Jon is an Online weight loss coach as well as a mentor to online coaches and consultants. Coach Jon considers himself to be an "anti-guru" in a culture of fake online personas pretending to be super successful.

Instead of flashing rolexes and rented cars, Coach Jon focuses on teaching simple, practical scalable solutions to building online businesses that can stand the test of time.

Coach Jon has written and created 3 mini courses and 2 full length courses to take someone from an idea to a fully functioning scalable coaching business in 12 weeks or less.

Connect with Candy Messer at:

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Organic Marketing (Syndication)

Create Once Post Everywhere.  Turn one piece of content into 10+ pieces of content for multiple platforms.

Get the PDF file to accompany this lesson.

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Create a "No Edit" Podcast with StreamYard

Here's the walkthrough video I made to show how I set up my show in StreamYard and run the broadcast  so that at the end of it I have an already created podcast episode with no editing required.

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How to Start a Coaching Business from Home (With Only Free Apps)

Starting a new coaching business is a big adventure… … and there is the potential for so many mistakes if you don’t have a roadmap to success. Jon Mclernon will show you how to start an ultra-lean coaching business, building a lifestyle you enjoy and that gives you FREEDOM.

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