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What makes my mentorship different?

This is MENTORSHIP, not "Guru-Ship".  This means that we work together in COLLABORATION.

I will provide you with educational resources, but they are exactly that ... RESOURCES.

Ultimately, we are NOT building you a "cookie-cutter" business.  We employ solid business principles, but shape them to suit YOUR business.

The one YOU want to build, so that you can enjoy your Freedom Lifestyle.

I charge a fair and transparent price:

$3000 USD Paid in Full, or

3 payments of $1100 USD

I provide an ROI (Return On Investment) Guarantee in plain language: 

If you don't achieve ROI (earn at least $3000 USD in Revenue) within 3 months, I will continue to work with you until you do, or we reach 12 months.  You will retain access to the curriculum for up to 12 months total.  Of course the simple caveat is, you need to do the work, in order for this to work.

In addition to the ROI guarantee, everything is invoiced through my legal corporation, such that you can write off your investment in mentorship. 

I've set it up so that you basically can't lose money on this, and I've removed all risk on your end.

On the other hand, there's an industry full of predatory sharks, charging exorbitant prices (usually between 8k-15k USD) built on empty promises, with zero guarantee.  They bring you through an emotionally manipulative sales process, and are evasive if you try to ask anything outside of the "sales process".

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1-to-1 Business Mentorship calls every week:  

For 12 weeks, we have a 1-to-1 call every week to make sure you are able to implement the material and help you anywhere you happen to be stuck.

You get my undivided attention on these calls, and we tackle anything you are stuck with, including challenging clients you might be working with.  At the end of these calls, you will ALWAYS know exactly what to do to move your business forward. 

After the 12 weeks, you continue to have access to the curriculum and educational resources.

Mentor In your Pocket: 

I won't fob you off into a Slack group and where you have your question get lost in a flood of other questions because there's 60 other coaches in there.  

I am your 1-to-1 Mentor.  We communicate directly. 

Real world coaching: 
I will not sell you on the fairytale dream of the “abundance mindset”, where you imagine the universe flowing money in your direction simply because you visualized it in your mind.

I will help you move forward through your obstacles and mindset challenges, so that you take concrete, meaningful action, instead of wishing something would come true.  While I absolutely support mindset work, and I believe in abundance, I keep it grounded in realistic optimism.

Real World Coaching Practice: 
You will also have the opportunity, if you want to practice coaching calls, to offer complimentary coaching calls to my existing nutrition coaching clients. 

We can discuss how to set this up, but in short, you'll identify your niche/specialty, and set up a call booking link (such as Calendly), and I'll notify my clients that they can book coaching calls with you.  I will still continue to administer the program I run, you aren't responsible for any of that.

Powerful Content that Attracts Clients:

I will help you create organic content that attracts people to you, so that you don’t need to cold message people, hoping someone will be interested.  I have a knack for drawing out content gold on our weekly coaching calls (I've been called "The Content Whisperer" from some of my other mentorship clients).  I will help you create your unique and powerful message, so that you never have to worry about competition again.

A business system that you own, not a business that owns you:  

I will help you build a business system that allows you to COACH and still have a life, while generating raving clients who love you.

You will feel fulfilled and excited to work in and on your business.

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