Imagine, if you will, a mentor that charges a fair price AND GUARANTEES your investment!

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They call me the "anti-guru"

In a world where fake gurus rent cars and fancy houses for photoshoots to pretend they're financially successful, I prefer being genuinely authentic.  I built my businesses and help others build theirs because I wanted to spend less time on my laptop and more time dating my wife and being outdoors.

I also don't put you through an evasive high-pressure sales process.  Or make you sign a crippling contract.  Or ghost you after I've got your credit card information.  Or worse, gaslight you and tell you that it's on you if you aren't successful.  These are all things that have happened to me when I hired "mentors".

When someone hires me as a mentor, I have a simple guarantee.  I will work with you until you earn your investment back in revenue.  The only fine print is, you do actually have to do the work.  But I'll be there with you each step of the way as your 1-to-1 mentor.


An unsolicited testimonial

Dillon was being interviewed on another podcast, and this is what he shared about working together.


"Jon ... You blow my mind!"

Stephanie says she got 10X the value of her consultation call with me. Let's get you the same!

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